Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wavves 6/25/10

Well I guess it had to happen, my first California Surf Punk show. I got here a little late after Wavves came on at the Rock And Roll Hotel and the kids were already stinking. For a non sell out it was a pretty wild show and I successfully avoided all moshing DC teens by taking in the show from the aging hispter perspective: against the wall, PBR in tow. Wavves themselves played a good, if not loud, show featuring smoke and banter in between consisting mostly of covers of tv shows. They played the Bayside High fight song. I'm not really into punk but got drawn into the "King of the Beach" after I heard "Post Acid" off the unreleased new album. All in all it was exactly what a punk show was: loud, fast, and pretty stinky. Rock on.

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