Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Uncle Sam Jam 7/4/10

Happy belated 4th of July! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Started off the weekend with a walk off Nats win again the dreaded Mets (suck) and watched some UFC that night. For the 4th a whole gang of us went back down to SW to catch the Uncle Sam Jam at the Zanzibar. It was super hot but luckily all my friends (and beer and pizza) were on the side of the building with all the shade. The main stage was melting! Good Dos Equis & 105.9 sponsors giving out schwag was pretty good and everyone seemed to have a good time. Got to see Soul Asylum (of "Runaway Train" fame) for a hot minute before we took part in watching Brooke and Heather run through a "quicksand" mix in honor of a "Most Interesting Man In The World" contest. It was pretty good. Once it started getting darker we ventured to the patio deck and watched the DC fireworks and called it a night!

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