Thursday, June 10, 2010

Race Weekend of Doom part two

Congrats to everyone who was out there doing it this past weekend! Got in a little 5K action Saturday with the girls @ the Race for the Cure and finished the afternoon checking the scene @ the North Face Endurance Challenge. My friend Heather ran a 50K! That's unreal, she's like Lance Armstrong or my new hero Dean Karzanes. That guy is insane, google him. Also that day my buddy Andy competed in a triathlon and got himself in the top 30! Well done indeed. Sunday it was my turn to race the North Face Endurance Challenge in the half marathon. Heather's mom and a few firemen ran it too. I'm not going to lie, it was brutal. It had a mountain range and I had to ford the river three times! It was more of an obstacle course than race. I ended up cramping up and walking a good 4 miles no joke. BRUTAL! I kept thinking to myself "We're not worthy!" I did manage to get a run on to cross the finish line and got a photo with Dean too. Planning redemption soon! Congrats to everyone and anyone who swam, biked, power walked, ran, or crawled this weekend. Never stop and live strong!

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