Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Black Hollies/Blood Feathers 5/28/10

After an amazing show in Philly Brooke and I got a cab across town to see yet another show! She really wanted to catch Blood Feathers and we managed to see The Black Hollies play their last few songs. I don't know what they were playing but they were incredible. The guitarist had an amazing solo that must have been ten minutes long and the crowd was getting into it. After they finished we went downstairs and had an amazing drunken late night snack at the bar Johnny Brendas that was fantastic. The bar tender said the guy in Blood Feathers made the BBQ sauce! Their set was an upbeat session and I enjoyed it thoroughly, even if Brooke was just about ready to call it a night. Haha

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  1. Philly! J, you are the Cuff to my Link. What!?