Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival 6/19/10

Ahh the 3 magic B's that got me through college! How I was able to miss this annual alcohol and food festival last year is beyond me but I am glad I smartened up and attended this year. We got to National Harbor an hour early for lunch and watched the rest of the non VIPS wait in a terrible line that stretched from the festivals entrance to what seemed like the Gaylord Hotel 3 blocks away. Once we got in though it was well worth the wait. For something in the $35 range (average wine festival price) we had unlimited tastes of bourbon and beers under hot sweaty tents next to hot and sweaty people. And it was hot! That must have kept the lines short for tastes because I saw people chilling under trees and sitting at tables all day. They had some moderately good schwag, got two koozies and movies tickets and a t shirt. The best part of the day is when the staff wasn't looking we snuck into VIP. They had booths inside and better food and much needed tables and once inside no one questioned us. And we got some actual piggy, BBQ'd and served! Very good all around day despite the heat which reminds me: who's got a pool???

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