Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wavves 6/25/10

Well I guess it had to happen, my first California Surf Punk show. I got here a little late after Wavves came on at the Rock And Roll Hotel and the kids were already stinking. For a non sell out it was a pretty wild show and I successfully avoided all moshing DC teens by taking in the show from the aging hispter perspective: against the wall, PBR in tow. Wavves themselves played a good, if not loud, show featuring smoke and banter in between consisting mostly of covers of tv shows. They played the Bayside High fight song. I'm not really into punk but got drawn into the "King of the Beach" after I heard "Post Acid" off the unreleased new album. All in all it was exactly what a punk show was: loud, fast, and pretty stinky. Rock on.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival 6/19/10

Ahh the 3 magic B's that got me through college! How I was able to miss this annual alcohol and food festival last year is beyond me but I am glad I smartened up and attended this year. We got to National Harbor an hour early for lunch and watched the rest of the non VIPS wait in a terrible line that stretched from the festivals entrance to what seemed like the Gaylord Hotel 3 blocks away. Once we got in though it was well worth the wait. For something in the $35 range (average wine festival price) we had unlimited tastes of bourbon and beers under hot sweaty tents next to hot and sweaty people. And it was hot! That must have kept the lines short for tastes because I saw people chilling under trees and sitting at tables all day. They had some moderately good schwag, got two koozies and movies tickets and a t shirt. The best part of the day is when the staff wasn't looking we snuck into VIP. They had booths inside and better food and much needed tables and once inside no one questioned us. And we got some actual piggy, BBQ'd and served! Very good all around day despite the heat which reminds me: who's got a pool???

Friday, June 18, 2010

Copa Mundial 2010

I'm sorry I haven't mentioned the World Cup yet. And it sucks that I have to start on the heels of the worst soccer call I have ever seen! That phony no call goal that was disallowed was worse to me than the perfect game tag. At least that ump explained why he made the call. This joker had no idea what he was doing, but fortunately England tied their second match giving us control of our own destiny. Stay tuned, that Algeria game is going to be huge. I mean the photots say it all. Check out the goalies face, what a punk ass! On a happier note, isn't it great to have the World Cup back? I mean the games are early and you didn't even have to miss game 7! Hooray!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Surfer Blood 6/16/10

First off don't stand next to the speakers! Last night's show was good but my ears are still ringing! Lessons learned I guess. Florida's Surfer Blood played to a sold out Black Cat show last night in their final stop on tour with The Pains of Being Pure of Heart. despite the initial sound shock of standing too close the boys, looking like high schoolers, ripped through their Astro Coast release. They played "Swim" and my favorite "Floating Vibes" and their songs sounded like a lo fi takin' it easy surfing summer time vibe. Good show and after hugging The Pains for their final show together they got their lead singer to play guitar and sing along to a great cover of Weezer's "The Sweater Song". C'mon everyone knows the words to that song.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dead Meadow 6/15/10

It's hard to believe that last night was my first show at the Black Cat all year but it was well worth the wait. Dead Meadow owned the back bar with their hour plus set of stoner metal standards. They played stuff from all their five or so albums and didn't slow down to banter, just extended jams. The solos were worth the $12 at the door and to close out their set they played "Sleepy Silver Door" for what seemed like ten minutes of masterful playing with the best drum solo I've heard all year. They are easily my favorite DC bred band.

Stephen Strasburg's First Start 6/8/10

What's better than making it opening day at the brand new ball park and watching a walk off home run in the ninth? NOTHING! But watching rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg strike out 14 in his debut with no walks was magical. The Nationals needed a pitcher with presence on the mound and they have found him. Jump on the band wagon now because this guy is the truth. I've been to good games and great games where the place was packed but this game takes the cake. Everyone was on their feet when he got two strikes. It was electric! We finally have a super star in DC and his name is Strasburg!

Broken Bells 6/7/10

Sorry for the delay, with all this World Cup action it's hard to get these posts done in the morning! Started off a good night by going out to Hard Times Springfield for a few beers before heading to 930 for the show. They have a great selection of brews and always play the Nationals. Enough of that and on to the show. The Broken Bells are one part James Mercer of the Shins and one part Danger Mouse and a few other parts of backup players. Honestly I only heard "The Long Road" prior to the show but I like the Shins and really like Danger Mouse's production skills. They played a mellow yet focused set that to sum it up sounded like a Shins record produced by Danger Mouse, no surprise there. The Mouse played drums and keys and as Mike said, "this is the kind of good music I'd like to hear in the background of a movie". That's deep! Til next time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Race Weekend of Doom part two

Congrats to everyone who was out there doing it this past weekend! Got in a little 5K action Saturday with the girls @ the Race for the Cure and finished the afternoon checking the scene @ the North Face Endurance Challenge. My friend Heather ran a 50K! That's unreal, she's like Lance Armstrong or my new hero Dean Karzanes. That guy is insane, google him. Also that day my buddy Andy competed in a triathlon and got himself in the top 30! Well done indeed. Sunday it was my turn to race the North Face Endurance Challenge in the half marathon. Heather's mom and a few firemen ran it too. I'm not going to lie, it was brutal. It had a mountain range and I had to ford the river three times! It was more of an obstacle course than race. I ended up cramping up and walking a good 4 miles no joke. BRUTAL! I kept thinking to myself "We're not worthy!" I did manage to get a run on to cross the finish line and got a photo with Dean too. Planning redemption soon! Congrats to everyone and anyone who swam, biked, power walked, ran, or crawled this weekend. Never stop and live strong!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Race Weekend of Doom

Somehow I was suckered into running another half marathon this weekend. I also was suckered into running a 5K too. With all this heat I may turn into hot chocolate before I finish either one! Should be fun though and I will have some beers awaiting! More news soon! Holy sweat bands!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free Energy 5/30/10

After a great weekend in philly, drinking beers and going to shows, it was time to head home. Which consisted of drinking beers and going to shows. I took Brooke out to see Free Energy at the Rock and Roll Hotel on H Street but first we went to a new restaurant called Liberty Tree. I read a little blurb on them on washingtonian and it said it was a New England style establishment run by the chef from Matchbox. Obviously I had the pizza, Brooke obviously had a salad. After that we noticed we were early for the show so we continued our date at the H Street Country Club. Great bar with tons of games but most special they have a nine hole putt putt course upstairs! They incorporated DC themed obstacles with my favorite being the (former) Haines Point Giant with Marion Barry's head! Finally it was show time and after 2 previous blog entries you can guess how the show was. We ended sitting almost on the corner of the stage and the lead singer threw a nod to dancing Brooke as he must have remembered her from Philly just two nights earlier. Great show in a good neighborhood.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Black Hollies/Blood Feathers 5/28/10

After an amazing show in Philly Brooke and I got a cab across town to see yet another show! She really wanted to catch Blood Feathers and we managed to see The Black Hollies play their last few songs. I don't know what they were playing but they were incredible. The guitarist had an amazing solo that must have been ten minutes long and the crowd was getting into it. After they finished we went downstairs and had an amazing drunken late night snack at the bar Johnny Brendas that was fantastic. The bar tender said the guy in Blood Feathers made the BBQ sauce! Their set was an upbeat session and I enjoyed it thoroughly, even if Brooke was just about ready to call it a night. Haha

Free Energy/Jukebox The Ghost 5/28/10

Brooke wanted to take a vacation and what better town than good ole Philly to get away from Rolling Thunder and beach traffic. Once we got there and got settled it was time for boozing and a couple of concerts. We ended up seeing Free Energy in a church basement! I don't know about that but they said we could booze inside but it was byob, so we promptly went to the local store and got a six pack for the show! Not as if Free Energy needed an extra boost but it was fantastic. This is Free Energy's home base and the crowd was really into it. I even read in the local city paper that their first video featured people from the Urban Outfitters next to our hotel! These guys are just cool and Brooke even got their lead singer to sign her cd! Good buzz and great show. Even the openers, Jukebox The Ghost were good. Guitars, drums, and keys! Yes please!