Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Free Energy/Jukebox The Ghost 5/28/10

Brooke wanted to take a vacation and what better town than good ole Philly to get away from Rolling Thunder and beach traffic. Once we got there and got settled it was time for boozing and a couple of concerts. We ended up seeing Free Energy in a church basement! I don't know about that but they said we could booze inside but it was byob, so we promptly went to the local store and got a six pack for the show! Not as if Free Energy needed an extra boost but it was fantastic. This is Free Energy's home base and the crowd was really into it. I even read in the local city paper that their first video featured people from the Urban Outfitters next to our hotel! These guys are just cool and Brooke even got their lead singer to sign her cd! Good buzz and great show. Even the openers, Jukebox The Ghost were good. Guitars, drums, and keys! Yes please!

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