Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holy Ghost!/Cut Copy 3/29/11

What a great four (six) day break I'm having! I have been totally on a DFA/New York disco binge ever since I went to visit with Gary last year. The whole scene is great and I would love to venture back in the city for some local clubbing. For now all I could was wait for Cut Copy's return to DC. They sold out two 9:30 Club shows this week and even spin records at the U Street Music Hall after their final Wednesday set. Going to the show, and seeing Holy Ghost! open, was quite the treat. These two groups play some infectious big beat dance anthems that made the weather bearable for at least one night. I have been pumping Holy Ghost! EP since it came out last year and the duo surprised me with a full band. Hearing booming live drums helps tremendously as the sound carried throughout the venue. They played about six or so songs before leaving for Cut Copy. The Australians new cd is better than their last cd, which I finally bought at the show, and they got the crowd involved every song. The band's leader had a charismatic way he delivered his music as if to say "I love these songs, enjoy them with us." Everything was clicking that night and I can't wait to see either band perform in the future either live or spinning records. I'll take anything they produce!