Monday, January 31, 2011

Girl Talk 1/29/11

I love DC, really I do but it does has its hang ups. We're better than a Baltimore and smaller than a Philly but as far as music goes you gotta be real quick on the trigger when it comes to shows or you'll miss something before the tickets go on sale! And thus begins my new program of leaving town when good artists sell out quickly. I had wanted to see Girl Talk ever since I saw him two summers ago at Virgin Free Fest. The guy had the crowd with his mash up mixes of everyones favorite songs, both past and current staples. When posted an interview last year and a link to a free download of his new album "All Day" for free I was hooked. Slow as I might I missed whatever presale he had for two(!) upcoming shows at the 9:30 Club here in town. Word on the street is he sold those two dates out in a mere ten minutes. The only good news is that he was playing the preceeding Fridany and Saturday in Norfolk and Richmond respectively. Since Norfolk is my old stomping ground I emailed the old gang and set up a dance party that they would soon not forget. Last Friday we embarked on the most sweaty and drunken dance party any of us could ever have hoped for. Imagine yourself at the greatest wedding reception on crack! Girl Talk is not a DJ, he's a visonary with a laptop that knows how to put on a great live show. I was hoping he wasn't going to just plug in some speakers and play "All Day" from start to finish but instead he followed the new record loosely adding more danceable cuts from past works into a two hour dance frenzy. He had everything: people onstage, toliet paper flowing out of leaf blowers, camera crews, balloons (giant/regualr/condom shaped), and lots of confetti. Everyone knew all the words to the mixes from Biggie to Miley and Black Sabbath to "Living on a Prayer". All my friends never stopped dancing and luckily they took my advise and wore t shirts and forgot about the pushing and beer soaked mess they were in. The venue was very similar to the 9:30 Club with a closer stage and wider balconies and no one had a bad time. Right around midnight the two hour sweat fest was over and we exited The Norva exstatic. The show sold out earlier in the week and although I'd rather have seen him in DC, Friday was the way to go. After all, who wants to go to work the next morning after staying up all night with Girl Talk?!

Download "All Day" for free!:

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