Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Black Squirrel/Smash! 2/3/11

Broke out the Washingtonian Best Bars Edition and had to check something out for happy hour. I gave my roommate three addresses and told him to pick. One was in Georgetown, Adams Morgan, and the Atlas District. He picked the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan. I haven't been to Adams Morgan during the day and was pleasantly surprised that they're were no cars on 18th St. We parked right out front and walked in, just up the street from my favorite bar on the block, Bourbon. We kind of opened Black Squirrel and got thoroughly wasted with the very wide selections of beers from all over the world. My favorite was the Aventus and 10% double IPA that was off the menu. To slow down the high content I checked out the food selections and got the four cheese mac. It was awesome!!!!! The bar staff was very cool and the patrons fit the "good beer bar" vibe. It was the best possible scenario at happy hour, though they had no specials, and I was very satisfied. On the way out we stopped by Smash!, the local record store. They had reasonable prices and some lps and punk stuff hanging around but the store was awful. One employee working with headphones and no sound! This guy gave me the creeps, plus I was a little buzzed. No sound too? What a buzz kill. Check out the bar but skip the record store, such a shame!

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  1. Thanks for the invite....especially since you had mac&cheese!