Saturday, January 22, 2011

District Chophouse 1/17/11

One last thing! I almost forgot to review the District Chophouse from Monday. This place is located near the Verizon Center and the Crime & Punishment Museum and they boast a brewery and prime cut meats. I took the girls there after walking through a Smithsonian and it worked out because it was Restaurant Week. The deals are the best during lunch as each person is charged $20.11 for an appetizer and an entree. I ordered the calamari and pork chop and they were both excellent. Also served was a almond crusted halibut with some very creamy mashed potatoes. The calamari was very good and not too greasy and they didn't use a lot of weak tentacles which I hate. The pork chop had a strange sauce that I didn't like and was stuffed with something they smelled minty but the meat was very tender and the side of french fries were very good and hot. I also had a brown ale, which wasn't as good as a New Castle but it was smooth enough to order again in the future. They had many brews on tap and I would like to return. The bathrooms were a bit tricky as I had to take an elevator to a basement that was unoccupied and kind of gloomy. Overall they had great food and I was very curious to sample more beer so I would definitely recommend this place before a game or a play in the neighborhood.

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