Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy New Year!

It has been a while since an update, sorry I've been really lazy. The weather has been freezing, cold, snowing, and yesterday it was 50 degrees. It's incredible out here in DC. Well got a new sweetheart and she came to visit over new years and I determined a new goal for the new year. I need culture! First thing I did was join up to the Zoo. Becoming a member to the National Zoo has its perks. Actually outside of the animals the best part of joining up is all the social events members get like the Boo at the Zoo. Anyway, went to the Zoo on the 30th to see the final night of the Zoo Lights. It was pretty nice to walk around and the lady sure enjoyed it. We stayed out a Kimpton Hotel in DuPont called Hotel Topaz. Great big room and it was cheaper than most of the major chains in the immediate area. For New Years Eve we skipped the crazy young kids parties and headed out for a quiet night at Policy, a new place off 14th/T St. We went there because I had a Groupon for it (which was void during NYE) and because it was close to our hotel. The food was great and was of the small plate variety but the real treat was tons of can beer by Butternuts. The decor was pretty cool and the layout was good too. After a couple drinks we left for a new bar but settled into Bar Pilar until the ball dropped. After midnight I finished my cocktail and we hightailed home. Leave the singles to fight over cabs at 4am! The rest of the trip was spent at malls, Georgetown, and even a speak easy in Old Town. Great trip and I'm looking forward to checking out new and old aspects of the city in the coming year. Now, who's coming with me??!

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