Monday, May 31, 2010

Foreign Born/Free Energy 3/14

Once I heard Foreign Born's single "Winter Games", I knew I'd like this LA band. I actually came late to the show from a prior arrangement but was able to catch their show but also Free Energy's opening set due to them starting late. First off Free Energy had way more fans than Foreign Born and it came as no surprise after that first note. They have a Rolling Stones early 70s lead singer with some excellent guitar and drum work going. It was a pleasant surprise to find out this Philly band's record was produced by none other than LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy. Their energy was great and the jams were excellent and I was ecstatic to have made both shows. Foreign Born had a different vibe altogether. They had percussionists and smoke pouring out of DC9 and the mood was incredible. They put on a fantastic show and I even bought their last cd titled "Person to Person". Great show with two great bands and you'll be hearing more about them soon enough!

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