Friday, May 21, 2010

Capitol Hill Classic 10K 5/16/10

Sorry for the delay (and no pictures, on their way!) but I gotta update my kick ass Sunday. First off Sunday morning started with the running of the 31st annual Capitol Hill Classic 10K in you guessed it Capitol Hill. It was a well organized race, I only saw one bum prior to the start! This race is billed as it is the only race run entirely in Capitol Hill. It was nice to see the old row homes and RFK Stadium but the descent down the actaul hill the Capitol sits on was not cool. I mean sure going down was great but that uphill death march was a total bummer. I even saw a guy (non bum) puking on the side! But all in all fantastic race. I'm looking to do one more timed trot before the off road half marathon. Hooray nature!

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