Monday, July 19, 2010

Starr Hill Cruise 7/16/10

Did you know there is a dock behind Nats Park? There is and the boat behind it, The Patriot II, takes people out on cruises all year round. Brooke and I happened to take a night time cruise last Friday sponsored by On Tap Magazine, my favorite local *FREE* mag, and Charlottesville's own Starr Hill Brewery. We got onto the boat and it had a bar on two floors and a few cheese and cracker bowls. Not the best food but it'll do. It was a good time considering I do like Starr Hill and even have some still in my fridge and the weather wasn't super hot and the scenery was great. We went from Nats Park past the airport and Old Town and turned around past the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to see National Harbor on the way back. The only bummer, well first bummer, was the live music. Two jokers, guitar and violin(?!), played wimpy Dave Matthews covers on full blast in the downstairs bar area. I mean WTF? Total buzz kill having those clowns blaring in the only air conditioned room downstairs. The bar also had only four styles of Starr Hill and no company reps were there. I have been totally spoiled by Hard Times beer tastings in Springfield but overall it was a great ride. Romantic even!

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  1. VERY romantic :) and the starr hill lucy brew is super tasty!