Monday, October 11, 2010

Oktoberfest Shirlington 10/2/10

Kicking off the best month of the year in style heading out to good ole Shirlington for the season's first Oktoberfest. The weather was incredible, even hot at times, and the crowd was large. I like Shirlington's downtown outdoorsy set up and it was great Saturday event. The only bummer was the fact that you couldn't buy advance tickets which led to one hell of a line to get inside the area. The beers were good and the tents wrapped around but honestly I kinda used my ten measly tickets for beers 1. I never heard of and 2. had no line. With a great slate of college football games on later that day it didn't matter that the tickets ran fast as my gang ended up in Baileys Ballston to close out the best 3:30 games. Saw a lot of old friends and even some German dance crews and all in all it was a great time. The DC area is pretty awesome at street festivals and the like. Enjoy.

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