Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phoenix @ DAR 4/26/10!

Great Lighting!

The first ever concert review for Blah Blah Blog, and it's Phoenix! The show was at DAR Constitution Hall and if you've never been there make sure if you go to get a good seat. i've sat in the nosebleeds for three shows there now. Anyway Phoenix is a French electro/pop band that broke out last year with their Wolfgang Amdadeus Phoenix record. I bought this cd when FYE was going out of business and was quite impressed. The good news is they played the entire album (I think they had a few others too) and the sound was pretty good despite sitting against the back wall. They totally got into Listzomania/1901 and other tracks without doing a lot of talk inbetween. I hate when artists blah blah blaaaah about why they wrote their songs and whatnot. Just play! And Phoenix did. They rocked a good half hour and did an encore with just one guitar and their lead vocalist, who also sang on some of Air's hits. The show was a success and ran in at just under 70 minutes which is awfully nice of them being on a Monday! Not a bad show at all but could've been better at 930 Club. Word!


  1. Well done J-Man, you are like the Chester Copperpott of music journalism.

  2. the seats weren't THAT bad!! ;) and i really like it! the blog that is! oh and the concert too